Oak Island

The ┬ánew season for ” The Curse of Oak Island” has just started with episode two slated for Tuesday 11/11/2014. A new player has entered the arena this year. Hutton Pulitzer, ” The Commander”, claims that he can connect all the dots to the mystery! Can he really ? I guess we’ll just have to watch and see what Mr. Pulitzer brings to the table. The show will be entertaining , to say the least.

Bob and I have long felt that, given the opportunity, we can solve the oak Island puzzle! I won’t post any theories or guesses at this time. We do have plans for future articles and Oak Island is surely on the agenda.

We both wish the participants in the new series the very best of luck and success.

If readers have tried to make contact with us recently and gotten no reply, Please try again! I have had a email server change and have hopefully fixed the glitches.

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John London


  1. E. M. Wilson says:

    What exactly are J. Hutton Pullitzer’s verifiable bonafides? I tried to look him up on the internet and my sense was that he might be a wonderful source of hot air but wasn’t too convinced of much else. I’m not saying that the man lacks credibility but would like to hear from someone who is actually familiar with him. After all Mel Fisher too could be a blowhard at times but he was also the real deal. Anyone out there who has direct knowledge of this giy, beyond his own P.R.?

  2. Don Smith says:

    The History Channel series on Oak Island injects just enough skepticism to keep it from being labeled an absolute farce. But just like E.M. Wilson posts, what are the credentials of the newly arrived J Hutton Pultizer? Apparently he has a rather bizarre background in some failed attempt to market a bar-code device, but other than being described as “an author…professional treasure hunter,” what is his place in this story other than to lend more off-the-wall components? P.S. I, too, am an “author” and “professional treasure hunter” because I write things from time to time, and also spent an entire day looking for my lost wallet. Will the show itself or someone connected to the Laginas ask the most obvious question connected to Pulitizer’s claims about the stone with the carvings? Just how did he stumble across this rock deep in the woods? What led him to it, much less scrape off a layer of dirt to “reveal” its secrets? Now that’s a real mystery.

  3. George Johnston says:

    I am the Communications Director for Oak Island Tours, Inc. (OITI). This is the company owned by the Lagina Brothers, Craig Tester, and Dan Blakenship. Hutton Pulitzer is not affiliated with us, and never has been. He has appeared on the series a few times, but was not involved in this Season’s shooting. He may appear on the series this year, but that would be footage that was filmed in either Season I, or Season II. I want to make this clear, he is not involved in the ongoing search on Oak Island.

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